Los Angeles Cold Storage Co. - UNITED STATES - CA - Los Angeles

Warehouse Supt., Thomas Rodriguez. 1,450,000 ft� of multi-story refrigerated (+37) and frozen (-5) and dry (+60) storage services available. USDA approved facilityand on-site USDC seafood lab/inspection. Warehose has backup emergency power, 18 truck doors with 50 ft enclosed refrigerated dock. U.L. listed security/firesystems and 24/7 recorded CCTV. Computerized inventory and WMS by Accellos. Electronic data customer tie-in capability. Scanned W/H documents, activity and inventory reports available via fax or internet. Close to L.A/L.B. harbor and container freight services provided by L.A. Qwik Serv, a Division of LA Cold. LA Qwik provides local delivery and is a licensed FTL and LTL freight broker providing service to 48 states and air freight to the world. Custom repack services available. Seafood specialist but most commodities accepted for storage. For officers see listing for Los Angeles Cold Storage Company, Main Office, Los Angeles, California.