Sodus Cold Storage Company, Inc. - UNITED STATES - NY - North Rose

President, COO and CFO, Sandra Jewett Bishop, Warehouse Operations Manager, Marc Edwards; Office Manager, Pam DeLyser; Safety Compliance and Facilities Manager, Teresa Miller. Warehouse construction: insulated concrete, steel and laminated panels. Coolers 600,000 ft�. Freezers 220,000 ft�. Total 820,000 ft�. Refrigeration system recirculating low pressure two-stage ammonia. Engine room and temperature control monitored 24/7. Temperature range -20oF to +50�F. Cooler rooms humidity controlled. 3 dock doors. 2 rail doors. Consign all rail shipments to storer c/o Sodus Cold Storage Co., Inc. North Rose, NY, Ontario Midland Rail Road delivery. Free switching. Other services: order pick, room freezing, tempering, dry storage (900,000 ft�) in-house refer. & dry trucking.Accellos WMS, custom reporting. Member IARW, WFLO, NYSFP, NYSCMA, NYSMTA. Additional facilities in Sodus, NY-Headquarters.